DJP Solicitors Are Family Lawyers in Aberdeen

As a specialist law firm with extensive experience in family law, DJP Solicitors knows how important it is to have proper legal representation in family matters. That is why we are proud to be among the leading family lawyers in Aberdeen. We are dedicated to providing our clients the best possible legal representation in order to protect them, their family members, and their personal property.
Our family law department can assist you in a number of different areas including:
  • separation or divorce
  • child custody issues
  • child access disputes
  • financial and property rights
Practising family law effectively requires a good understanding of both the law and family dynamics. DJP Solicitors are specialists in both. Since 2008, our firm has been assisting families in getting their legal matters straightened out so they can get on with their lives. We can help you as well.

Experienced Family Lawyers in Aberdeen

The protection of your family is too important to leave to solicitors with little or no family law experience. That is not a problem when you contact DJP solicitors. We are experienced family lawyers in Aberdeen led by our founder, Dean Purdie. For more than 10 years, Mr Purdie has been providing quality representation throughout the Aberdeen area.
Our family law department is headed up by solicitor Steven Ritchie, who joined the firm in 2011. He deals exclusively with family law and has extensive experience in parental rights, residence, and contact disputes. Mr Ritchie also has extensive experience with the courts, so he is well qualified for any family law cases requiring court proceedings.
Remember, experience can mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful representation. Regardless of your family law need, we encourage you to consider letting DJP Solicitors represent you. Our solicitors and support staff have the knowledge, training and practical experience necessary to handle your case properly.
Protecting Your Children
Of primary concern for DJP Solicitors is protecting your children regardless of the dispute in question. In cases of divorce, we will work hard to ensure the best interests of your children are always considered and protected. Our commitment extends to child custody, access, and visitation disputes.
In child custody cases, parents are working to ensure their children reside with them; visitation cases involve non-custodial parents and their rights for visiting the children. Lastly, child access cases are those involving other family members that may be restricted from, or given access to, the children involved in a separation or divorce dispute.
Unfortunately, children are always the innocent victims in family law disputes. It is not something anyone enjoys. However, our goal at DJP Solicitors is to minimise the impact on children while protecting their rights under the law.
If you need experienced, competent family lawyers in Aberdeen, we invite you to contact us at DJP Solicitors. You can do so by telephone, e-mail or by using the contact page on this website. We would be more than happy to discuss your case with you.