DJP Solicitors: Employment Lawyers in Aberdeen Fighting for You

Are you locked in a legal dispute with a former or current employer? Have you signed a compromise agreement to settle a dispute? If so, DJP Solicitors are well-known employment lawyers in Aberdeen fighting for the rights of workers. We can represent you in any employment law dispute.
Employment law is an area of the law that can be complicated due to its ever-changing nature. It is important that workers retain lawyers who are experienced in employment law, rather than settling on representation from a general solicitor who may have little or no experience in employment matters. When you allow DJP Solicitors to represent you, experience is just what you will get.

Dedicated Employment Lawyers in Aberdeen

DJP Solicitors' dedication to employment law is rooted in the knowledge that employers do not always treat their workers fairly. Without proper representation, workers are left to fend for themselves in disputes for which their knowledge is limited. We believe it is our responsibility to assist the average worker by representing him or her in disputes with employers.
Our employment law practice covers:
  • redundancy disputes
  • constructive or unfair dismissal
  • unpaid wages, payment claims
  • employee rights disputes
  • discrimination based on sex, age, or disability
You do have legal rights as a worker. At DJP Solicitors, we are here to make you aware of your rights and defend you in legal disputes. We are your voice when a current or former employer treats you unjustly. Contact us right away if you are involved in any sort of employment law dispute. DJP Solicitors are leading employment lawyers in Aberdeen fighting for people just like you.

Employment Law Funding Options

Workers going through employment law disputes may not necessarily have many options for funding legal representation. DJP Solicitors have devised six different funding methods to give you as many options as possible. Those options are:
  • Fixed Fee – We offer fixed fee packages that provide grouped services for a set fee. You will know the price before you agree to representation.
  • Pay-As-You-Go – Our pay-as-you-go funding allows you to pay for individual services, as you need them.
  • No-Win, No Fee – Disputes can be funded through a no-win, no fee option in some cases. Please contact us for information about your case.
  • Fixed Consultation – We offer a one-off consultation designed to help you analyse your case before deciding what to do next. The fee for this consultation is set.
  • Home Insurance – Your home insurance policy may include cover for attorneys’ fees. Please contact us to learn more before scheduling a consultation with one of our solicitors.
  • Compromise Agreements – If you have signed a compromise agreement with your employer, our fees will be included in that agreement. Nothing further is required from you.
DJP Solicitors are employment lawyers in Aberdeen fighting for the rights of workers. We would be happy to represent you in any dispute involving a current or former employer.