Child Access & Residence

We offer advice and representation to people involved in disputes about who should see their children. You may be looking for contact ("access") or you may be looking for full residence ("custody"). You may be trying to prevent someone from obtaining some or both of those or just looking to properly manage any contact that someone may have with your children.

We can help in all of these situations. Ideally, the situation will be resolved through a voluntary agreement between the disputing parties and we can help you to reach that agreement. If that doesn’t or won’t work, we can act on your behalf at court to obtain or oppose contact or residence orders.

We offer three ways to fund child contact or residence actions:

  • We can offer to carry out the work for you on a fixed fee so that you know how much we will charge you for the work we agree to do.
  • We can charge you on a traditional “pay as you go” package so you are not locked into any costs.
  • Initially, you may also wish to take advantage of our one-off meetings offer. For a fixed fee, you can meet with a solicitor and discuss your situation in detail to help you decide what you can do and how you can do it.

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Children & Residence

There are no court actions more emotive than those involving children. While most parents have the children’s best interests at heart, each parent...