Legal Disputes

If your particular legal issue is not covered by any of our other pages, that does not mean that we cannot help. We have a team of solicitors with a range of knowledge of legal areas. Apart from family law, employment law, accident claims, business debt claims and tenant evictions, we also offer advice and representation in general civil law. This wide area includes:

Disputes over property ownership and use

You may be in dispute with your neighbour, joint owner, joint tenant, landlord, tenant or other person or organisation about your property. Disputes range from who owns what, who has responsibility for fixing or paying for something, who has right of use of something or other rights and responsibilities connected with a property. One common issue is when you are a joint owner and there is a disagreement about whether to sell the property or not. 

Neighbour Disputes

It is not uncommon for neighbours to find that being only a footstep away is actually a problem. If your neighbours are behaving anti-socially or if you are in dispute with them, we can help. Court orders can be sought if necessary to prevent certain types of behaviour or insist that your neighbours do something that they are currently refusing to do.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Although we offer a debt recovery service for businesses who have customers who have failed to pay invoices (see our page on Debt Recovery), sometimes business disputes can be more complicated than that. There may be a row over an employee or director’s rights, ownership of the business, copyright issues, disputes over “poaching” customers, breach of contract by suppliers, behaviour of third parties, payment of commission, commercial property issues or other general issues on which legal advice is best sought before a difficulty becomes a full-blown crisis. This type of legal service is hard to “commoditise” in the way lawyers can with matters such as accident claims, but we can offer you the opportunity to sit down with a solicitor and go through the problem in a fixed fee one-off meeting, reviewing the position and determining what you should or – perhaps most importantly - shouldn’t do.

Contact us on 01224 590053 or send an e-mail to with a brief message and your phone number. We can then set up a fixed fee consultation for you with a solicitor to work out what you can do and how you can do it.