DJP Are Family Solicitors in Aberdeen You Can Trust

Family law is a sensitive area requiring solicitors who understand the impact of legal action on families. It requires solicitors who are caring, compassionate, and sensitive, as well as trustworthy. At DJP Solicitors, we are family solicitors in Aberdeen that you can trust.
Solicitor Steven Ritchie, an attorney with expertise in family law and the courts, heads the DJP Solicitors family law division. Given his experience and his exclusive focus on family law, Steven has been a great asset since joining DJP Solicitors in 2011. He is here to represent you in any and all family law matters.

Capable Family Solicitors in Aberdeen

DJP Solicitors understands how important your family is to you. With that understanding also comes the knowledge that you need capable representation to settle your family law issues. After all, legal representation is about more than just speaking out on your behalf. It is about fully understanding the law as it applies to your case while making sure you are treated fairly and justly.
We have been capable family solicitors in Aberdeen for more than six years. Since our practice was first established, our solicitors have been assisting clients with:
  • separation and divorce
  • child custody and residence
  • child access issues
  • disputes involving financial and property rights
Our family law team knows how the law applies to your case, irrespective of whether you are dealing with marriage relationships, your children, or your personal property. We seek to provide our clients with competent representation that will ensure their rights are protected. We will do no less for you.
We Assist Families
There is nothing more important to DJP Solicitors than providing the representation that clients need at a time when they need it most. The assistance our solicitors provide will help you and your family work through your family law issues, regardless of the level of service you choose.
If you are dealing with a family law issue requiring professional representation, we urge you to contact us to discuss your case. You may do so by calling or sending an e-mail to There is no further obligation required of you. Should you decide to retain DJP Solicitors, we offer three options for funding representation:
  1. Pay-As-You-Go – We can offer you staged fixed fees or hourly rates based on the services that you require as your case progresses. You can pay in instalments.
  2. No Win, No Fee – For family law matters that include financial disputes, we offer our own modified version of the 'no-win, no fee' model used by personal injury attorneys. Contact us for more information.
  3. Fixed Consultation – We can provide a one-off consultation designed to help you analyse your case before deciding what to do.
DJP Solicitors are your trusted family solicitors in Aberdeen. Whether you are dealing with separation or divorce, child custody or access issues, or disputes involving financial property and property rights, we urge you to contact us for all of your family law needs.