Evicting Tenants

We offer a fixed fee service for landlords who wish to evict tenants from residential property. You can also claim for outstanding rent arrears as part of the same action.

The bulk of Scotland’s current eviction laws were introduced in 1988 and are rather complex. However, we have introduced a three-step procedure designed to keep evictions as simple and cheap as possible.

Step One – Fixed fee £185 plus VAT and Outlays

This is the service of papers under the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 to inform your tenant that you want them to leave and giving them a deadline to get out. If they do leave, then the problem is solved and you don’t need us anymore. But if they don’t leave, you need to go to Step Two.

Step Two – Fixed fee £495 plus VAT and Outlays for undefended action  

As you have now completed Step One and the tenant has not left, you will need to raise a court action for eviction.  You can also make a claim for rent arrears or other claims under the tenancy at the same time. This needs to be done in a specific format, referring to the relevant grounds under the legislation and service of the summons needs to be performed in a legally competent way. If you meet the legal criteria, the court will grant an eviction order, compelling your tenant to leave and allowing you to move to Step Three to remove them if necessary.

Step Three – Fixed fee £75 plus VAT and Outlays

This is the final step. If the court has granted an eviction order, we can then arrange for Sheriff Officers to eject your tenant and occupants from your property if necessary.  Please note that Sheriff Officers will charge you a separate fee for carrying out an eviction.

If you would like further information or make an appointment to proceed, please call 01224 590053 or e-mail us at info@djpsolicitors.com leaving brief details and your phone number.